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 About Me

I have alway been a horror fan for as long as I can remmber.

Growing up with  (The Crawling Hand , The Two Headed Transplant , The Thing,  War Of The Worlds , Psycho. Night Of The Living Dead and many many more.

Now I have a chance to see and own many of the movies from my past and many that I have never seen or heard of before, I also hope that you get to experience the same  when you view my movie library

I would like to share this experience with all whom has visited my movie matinee just email me with your
rerquest and we can get it started.

I found one of my all time drive in  b-move Poor White Trash 2 what a bad movie you need to see this one  please visit my library for more details.

Also from Starlight Productions Entertainment
The Sportsmen (Sports) , Oldeschool ( Music) , The Outdoorsmen



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