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Halloween 2007 WS working print
Tagline:Evil Has A Destiny .
Plot Outline: The residents of Haddonfield don't know it yet... but death is coming to their small sleepy town. Sixteen years ago, a ten year old boy called Michael Myers brutally kills his step father, his elder sister and her boyfriend. Sixteen years later, he escapes from the mental institution and makes his way back to his hometown intent on a murderous rampage pursued by Dr Sam Loomis who is Michael's doctor and the only one who knows Michael's true evil. Elsewhere a shy teenager by the name of Laurie Strode is babysitting on the night Michael comes home... is it pure coincidence that she and her friends are being stalked by him Rated R for strong brutal bloody violence and terror throughout, sexual content, graphic nudity and language. 109 mins.

*Halloween II    1981                          Universal            FS      VHS
Plot Synopsis: It's the same night as the original Halloween. Michael Myers is around the neighborhood, after being shot by Dr. Loomis six times. Now, he's in a hospital where the girl Laurie Strode was taken. And there's a reason why Michael is after her..

Halloween III                 1983                                                VHS
Tagline: The night no one comes home.
Plot Outline An evil toy-maker plans to kill all the kids out for Halloween in this non-sequel to the other Halloween movies.
Plot Synopsis: This sequel has a plot that is unrelated to the earlier movies of the same name. In this horror story, a large Halloween mask making company has plans to kill millions of American children with deadly masks. 96 minutes

*Halloween The Curse Of Michael Myers 1995
Plot Summary: Six years ago, Michael Myers terrorized the town of Haddonfield, Illinois. He and his niece, Jamie Lloyd

Halloween 25 Years Of  Terror 2006
Tagline: The Night EVERYONE Comes Home!
Plot Synopsis: A documentary that follows the evolution of the 'Halloween' movies over the past twenty-five years. It examines why the films are so popular and revisits many of the original locations used in the films - seeing the effects on the local community. For the first time, cast, crew, critics and fans join together in the ultimate 'Halloween' retrospective.

Hardcore 1979           WS
Tagline: Oh, my God... that's my daughter.
Plot Outline A conservative Midwest businessman ventures into the sordid underworld of pornography in California to look for his runaway teenage daughter whom is making porno films in the porno pits of Los Angeles.
Plot Synopsis: Jake Van Dorn is businessman from American heartland who shares strong Calvinist convictions with most of his countrymen. His teenage daughter is missing from the trip in L.A. and Van Dorn hires private investigator. Result of the investigation is his daughter being spotted in cheap X-rated movie. Van Dorn decides to bring her back personally and during the quest he becomes familiar with the pornographic underworld. Rated R 108 minutes

 Hardgore 1974           FS
Plot Outline: A nymphomaniac goes to a sanitarium in hopes of being cured; it turns out the sanitarium is a front for a Satanic cult luring young women into a web of madness, torture, and sex... But mostly just sex.  
Rated X  63 mins

 Hatchetman      2003                                                         VHS
College coed by day and a stripper by night, Claudia's dream of becoming a lawyer seems within reach until her co-workers start turning up dead, victims of a brutal serial killer. Can Claudia and her friends stay alive along enough to expose the killer, or will they become the Hatchetman's next victim? 97 minutes : Rated R for violence, sexual content/nudity and language

Haunts  1977  FS
Tagline: A psycho-sexual thriller of a woman possessed, The haunts from her past become the horrors of the present....
Plot Outline: May Britt plays a seemingly innocent farm girl convinced that her slovenly uncle (Cameron Mitchell) is the man responsible for the bloody scissor-murders of several local girls. Rating PG Time 91 mins

Heart Of America 2003 DVD
Follows various high school kids through their last day of school. Cut between various pre-class conversations in cars, bedrooms, offices, etc. For every character there's a clearly (and mechanically) laid out conflict. Among them are a student who deals drugs, a couple of students who's relationship is ending, a tweaker student, a group of bullies, a teacher who is overly harsh on his students, and the two misfit kids planning the shooting.
Rated R  81 mins

 Hell Night 1988          VHS  to  DVD                        FS.
Tagline: Pray for day!
Plot Outline One dark night 12 years ago, madman Raymond Garth butchered his wife and children in their creepy mansion before killing himself. Legend has it that one child survived the slaughter and remains hidden in the house as a deformed monster. Tonight, a group of fraternity and sorority pledges must spend the night in Garth Manor on the anniversary of the killings. But even if these college kids can handle one wild evening of sex, partying and pranks, will they survive the ultimate horrors of "Hell Night"?
Plot Synopsis: Before being able to join Alpha Sigma Rho fraternity and its sister sorority,
Rated R 102 minutes

*Hellraiser 1987
Plot Outline: An unfaithful wife encounters the zombie of her dead lover, who's being chased by demons after he tampered with one of their gateways to Hell

*Hellraiser 2 1988
Plot Summary: Doctor Channard is sent a new patient, a girl warning of the terrible creatures that have destroyed her family.

Hellraiser Hellseeker  2002                                 WS
Tagline: Evil. Deadly. Immortal.
Plot Synopsis: Kirsty Cotten (Ashley Laurence) is now grown up and married to Trevor Gooden (Dean Winters). Her memory of the events that took place back at her parent's home and the mental institution have dimmed, but she is still traumatized. One fateful day, the two get into a fatal car crash, killing Kirsty. Now, Trevor finds himself in a strange world full of sexy women, greed and murder, making him believe he may be in hell. He follows the clues all the way to Pinhead (Doug Bradley).
Rated R for violence, sexuality and language.  89 minutes

Hellraiser Hellworld  2005                           FS.
Tagline: Burning With Evil.
Plot Outline Experience a real-life nightmare in this all-new and totally unique chapter in the terrifying and insanely popular series created by horror master Clive Barker. Starring Lance Henriksen and once again Doug Bradley as the infamous Pinhead! When five hardcore internet gamers are invited to a special party thrown by the website HELLWORLD, they are about to endure a night of unspeakable terror they believed only existed in cyberspace! Fresh, entertaining, and crawling with amazing special effects, don't miss the chilling return of Pinhead in this awesome thriller from Dimension Home Video.
Rated R for strong violence/gore, sexual content and language 90 minutes.

*Henry : A Portrait Of A Serial killer 1990      DC  WS
Tagline: Yeah, I killed my Mama...
Plot Outline Based on the true life serial killer, Henry Lee Lucas.
Plot Synopsis: Henry likes to kill people, in different ways each time. Henry shares an apartment with Otis. When Otis' sister comes to stay, we see both sides of Henry; the "guy-next-door" and the serial killer. Low budget movie, with some graphic murder scenes.
Unrated 130 minutes

*Heavy Traffic     1973                           MGM                           FS                    VHS
Plot Synopsis: An animated feature which begins, ends and occasionally combines with, live-action filmed on location. A white dropout struggles to create comics and animated films, drawing inspiration from the harsh, gritty world around him.

Hidden The 1987 VHS To DVD  FS
Tagline: A new breed of criminal.
Plot Synopsis: An alien is on the run in America. To get his kicks, it kills anything that gets in its way, and uses the body as a new hiding place. This alien has a goal in life; power. Hotly pursued by another alien (who's borrowed the body of a dead FBI agent), lots of innocent people die in the chase.
A demonic extraterrestrial creature is invading bodies of innocent - victims and transforming them into inhuman killers with an unearthly fondness for heavy-metal music, red Ferraris and unspeakable violence! Rated R  98 mins

*High Tension 2005                                   Loin Gate                                    WS
Plot Outline: Two college friends, Marie and Alexa, encounter loads of trouble (and blood) while on holiday at Alexa's parent's country home when a mysterious killer invades their quiet getaway.

Hitcher, The1986  VHS to DVD  FS
Tagline: Never Pick Up A Stranger.
Plot Outline A young man who escaped the clutches of a murderous hitch-hiker is subsequently stalked, framed for the hitcher's crimes, and has his life made into hell by the same man he escaped.
Plot Synopsis: A young man transporting a car to another state is stalked along the road by a cunning and relentless serial killer who eventually frames the driver for a string of murders. Chased by police and shadowed by the killer, the driver's only help comes from a truck stop waitress. Rated R 98 mins

Hitcher, The 2007 WS DVD
Tagline: Never pick up strangers.
A road trip takes a deadly turn when a young couple are tormented by a pyschotic hitchhiker who forces them to face their fears head-on. Rated R  84 mins

Hillside Cannibals 2006     WS       DC
The world's most brutal serial killer was born over 400 years ago, Sawney Bean and his family pillaged, slaughtered, and literally devoured thousands of victims. Even today, the inbred clan of cannibals hides in seaside caves, feeding on the flesh of those who pass by

Five young people head out into the rocky, cavernous hills of god knows where for a little spelunking fun. Three quickly get slaughtered, a fourth gets captured, and a fifth escapes. The fifth, being the fourth's girlfriend, eventually composes herself enough to go back and find the hillside cave where he's being taunted, tortured, and fondled by various members of the cannibal clan. She manages to sneak into the cave while all are asleep; they escape but don't get far due to injuries hindering his ability to walk. He tells her to leave him behind and go for help, which she does, allowing him to get recaptured moments later

Hills Have Eyes  The 2006                 WS & FS
Tagline: The lucky ones die first.
Plot Outline A suburban American family is being stalked by a group of psychotic people who live in the desert, far away from civilization.
Plot Synopsis: Wes Craven produces this remake of his 1977 classic of the same name, about the Carters, an idyllic American family traveling through the great American southwest. But their trip takes a detour into an area closed off from the public, but more importantly from society. An area originally used by the U.S. Government for nuclear testing that was intended to be empty...or so they thought? When the Carter's car breaks down at the old site, they're stranded...or are they? As the Carters may soon realize that what seemed like a car casually breaking down, might actually be a trap. This trap might be perpetrated by the inhabitants of the site who aren't pulling a prank, but are out to set up a gruesome massacre.
Rated R for strong gruesome violence and terror throughout, and for language.
Runtime: 107 min

Hills Have Eyes, Part 2 The  1985 VHS To  DVD FS
Tagline: So you think you're lucky to be alive...
Plot Synopsis: A group of bikers, which includes some of the survivors from the original film, embark on a journey by bus to a biker race near the desert of the infamous incidents. However, because of a mistake they are late and decide to take a shortcut through the desert. Halfway through the desert the bus breaks down. While trying to repair the bus, some of the group wander off, and wind up in the traps of the survivors of the mutant family of the first. Then the mutants go after the rest...
Everyone's favorite desert-dwelling mutant cannibals return in this gruesome sequel to the classic drive-in shocker! Years after the original massacre which pitted a suburban family against a band of cave dwellers, traumatized survivors lead a team of dirt bikers back into the wild for a bus expedition. After their vehicle breaks down, the travelers must fend for their lives when the hungry savages (led by spooky Michael Berryman) emerge from the hills in search of dinner! Directed by horror maestro Wes Craven
Rated R 86 mins

Hill’s Have Eye’s 2  The 2007 WS  DVD
Tagline: Last year the lucky ones died first. On march 23rd the lucky ones die fast.
Plot Outline:A team of trainees of the National Guard brings supply to the New Mexico Desert for a group of soldiers and scientists that are installing a monitoring system in Sector 16. They do not find anybody in the camp, and they receive a blurred distress signal from the hills. Their sergeant gathers a rescue team, and they are attacked and trapped by deformed cannibals, having to fight to survive.
A group of National Guard trainees find themselves battling against a vicious group of mutants on their last day of training in the desert Rated R  89 mins

Horror High AKA Twisted Brain 1974  VHS to DVD
Tagline: There is something evil out there... Possessed by a force that doesn't belong to this world - and it's going to kill me!
Plot Summary: A nerdy high school super whiz experiments with a chemical which will transform his guinea pig "Mr. Mumps" from a gentle pet into a ravenous monster... Rated R 85 mins

Hostel 2005    WS     DC
Tagline: Welcome To Your Worst Nightmare
Plot Outline Three backpackers head to a Slovakian city that promises to meet their hedonistic expectations, with no idea of the hell that awaits them.
Plot Synopsis: 3 backpackers are in Amsterdam where they get locked out of their youth hostel. They are invited into a man's house where he tells them of a hostel somewhere in eastern Europe where the women are all incredibly hot and have a taste for American men. When they get there, everything is too good to be true - the hostel is "to die for" Rated R 94 minutes

Hostel 2  2007 WS
three girls from Rome, Beth (Laura German), Whitney (Bijou Phillips), and Lorna (Heather Matarazzo), are lured to Slovakia by a sultry, vampiric hottie (Vera Jordonova) who modeled for them in figure drawing class. Sidetracked and disoriented by some Pagan Slovakian festivals and luxurious hot springs, the girls slip away one by one, until the film moves inside the torture chambers. One client sits in a bathtub beneath her victim, who she slices with a scythe to bathe in blood, Elizabeth Bathory-style. Body parts fly as clients entering the facilities select their weapons of choice in a room full of knives, power tools, and rubber clothing. As ridiculous as it sounds, haunting soundtrack and cinematography set a disturbing mood. Morbid humor, for example when a chainsaw unplugs centimeters from a victim's face, pays homage to Hostel 2's schlocky predecessors. Fortunately, one survivor remains, providing an ounce of vengeful, and sexy, satisfaction. As in the best exploitation films, gratuitous sex and violence are the norm here. What will be a warning to some to avoid this gruesome movie will be to others a cue to head straight to the theater

House By The Cemetery                       Diamond                               WS
A young family moves from their cramped New York City apartment to a spacious new home in New England. But this is no ordinary house in the country: the previous owner was the deranged Dr. Freudstein, whose monstrous human experiments have left a legacy of bloody mayhem. Now, someone - or something - is alive in the basement, and home sweet home is about to become a horrific hell on earth. The House By The Cemetery features a mind-blowing onslaught of throat-ripping, skull-knifing, maggot-spewing and more from Lucio Fulci, "The Godfather of Gore". Considered to be one of the master's finest films, this outrageous Italian shocker is now presented uncut, uncensored.
Plot Summary: A deranged killer lives in the basement of an old mansion and pops out occasionally to commit grisly murders that include be-headings.

*House At The Edge Of The Park 1985          Diamond                   FS    
Plot Synopsis: Alex, a psychopathic mechanic, rapes a woman in the park. Later, a decadent couple pull into his shop needing car repair. They invite Alex and his mentally challenged buddy to join them at a decadent suburban party. Once there, Alex amuses himself by tormenting and raping the guests, not realizing the guests have an agenda of their own.

House On Straw Hill 1976 FS
A novelist (Udo Kier) hires a quiet British country house to work on his latest novel. His agent arranges for a secretary to stay with him, (played by Linda Hayden). This turns out to be a big mistake when she reveals that she has come to kill him for stealing the manuscript for his last novel from her husband, which drove him to suicide. The housekeeper, Kier's girlfriend (played by 70's sex superstar Fiona Richmond) and 2 local thugs all meet horrific ends as Hayden goes on her killing spree. Rated R 84 mins

House of Mortal Sin aka Confessional, The (1976)
Tagline: Tortured by desires his vows forbid...master of a house of mortal sin!
Plot Summary: A troubled young girl goes to confession at the local church. Unfortunately, the sexually frustrated priest she confesses to becomes obsessed with her...
Rated R 104 mins

House Of Wax   2005   WS
Tagline: Prey. Slay. Display.
Plot Outline Six friends are stranded in a ghost town where a towering wax museum looms ahead. And inside are two brothers who have a special way of making the wax figures look real...
Plot Synopsis: A group of friends on their way to a college football game falls prey to a pair of murderous brothers in an abandoned small town. They discover that the brothers have expanded upon the area's main attraction.. the House of Wax. And created an entire town filled with the wax-coated corpses of unlucky visitors. Now the group must find a way out before they too become permanent exhibits in the House of Wax...
.Rated R for horror violence, some sexual content and language Runtime: 113 min

House Of 1000 Corpses  2003  WS
Tagline: The most shocking tale of carnage ever seen. (more)
Plot Outline: Two young couples take a misguided tour onto the back roads of America in search of a local legend known as Dr. Satan. Lost and stranded, they are set upon by a bizarre family of psychotics. Murder, cannibalism and satanic rituals are just a few of the 1000+ horrors that await.
Rated R for strong sadistic violence/gore, sexuality and language.
Runtime: 89 min

 House Of Psychotic Women 1973
An ex-convict, troubled by dreams that he strangles women, is hired as the caretaker on an estate owned by three very strange sisters. Soon after his arrival, a serial killer begins slaughtering blonde, blue-eyed women - and leaving their eyeballs in a bowl of water
Rated R  89 mins.

House With Laughing Windows ,The 1971 WS  Subtitles
Plot Synopsis: Stefano, a young restorer is commissioned to save a fresco representing the suffering of St. Sebastiano. The fresco painter was Legnani, and the fresco is his last work. Legnani apparently was mentally disturbed. He was used to paint people close to die or in agony. These facts together with the strange atmosphere that surround this village near Ferrara, in the north of Italy, contribute to put Stefano in a nightmare reality. Soon reality will change into horror. Rated R 106 mins

House That Dripped Blood, The- 1971 DVD
Tagline: TERROR waits for you in every room in The House That Dripped Blood
Plot Summary: A Scotland Yard investigator looks into four mysterious cases involving an unoccupied house. Rated  PG  102 Mins

House of Whipcord  1975 WS DVD
A perverted prison matron, her dutiful son (named, tellingly, Mark E. DeSade), and a doddering old judge with an Old Testament approach to modern permissiveness collect beautiful young women guilty of the most minor offenses (our heroine is found guilty of public lewdness) and punish them for their sins via a penance that ends in their inevitable death. As our sweet young French model is stripped, whipped, and generally abused by her brutal captors--oddly enough merciless and angry middle-aged women--her roommate takes it upon herself to track her down. It's a sleazy exercise in cinematic sadism perpetrated on beautiful women for the entertainment of the audience, smoothed slightly by surprisingly good performances, a modicum of rough style, a few gripping scenes of tension, and one jaw-dropping twist Rated R   102 min

House On Sorority Row, The (1983) DVD
Tagline: When the Nightmare ends . . . the Terror begins.
Plot: After a seemingly innocent prank goes horribly wrong, a group of sorority sisters are stalked and murdered one by one in their sorority house while throwing a party to celebrate their graduation. Rated R 91 mins

*Horror Rises From The Tomb 1975          St Clair Vision                       FS
Plot Synopsis: In Medieval France a warlock is be-headed and his wife tortured and executed. Hundreds of years later an isolated group of people discover his head buried on their property. Soon it comes back to life, possessing people and using them to commit sacrifices and to search for the rest of his body

Hatchetman      2003                                                         VHS
College coed by day and a stripper by night, Claudia's dream of becoming a lawyer seems within reach until her co-workers start turning up dead, victims of a brutal serial killer. Can Claudia and her friends stay alive along enough to expose the killer, or will they become the Hatchetman's next victim? 97 minutes : Rated R for violence, sexual content/nudity and language

Human Experiments 1977 DVD

*Hunting Humans  2003                                   Trinity                                          FS           
Plot Synopsis: Meet Aric Blue. He's young. He's handsome. He's successful. He's also a serial killer. He picks his victims at random, stalking them and taking advantage of the patterns in their life to kill them. He's the ultimate serial killer

I Come In Peace 1990 VHS

I Bury The Living 1958 FS
Newly appointed cemetery chairman Robert Craft (Richard Boone) notices some odd things about his new post: a creepy sense of déjà vu, an inability to get heat in the caretaker's shack, and Andy the caretaker's Scottish accent, one of the thickest in all cinematic history. Craft soon discovers to his horror that sticking pins into his map of the cemetery seems to make people die. As if this weren't bad enough, no one believes him. As Craft grows more and more distraught, his forehead covered in some of the most brightly glistening sweat you've ever seen, people keep trying to prove it's all a coincidence by getting him to stick more and more pins in the map. Though hilariously overwrought, I Bury the Living does take a couple of nice creepy twists at the end. Never before has a movie so eloquently made the case for keeping cemetery records in a text-only database. Unrated  80mins

I Drink Your Blood (Uncut) - Special Edition (1970)
Plot Synopsis: , this `70s horror classic is now more gruesome and depraved than ever before--accept no substitutes!
Originally released in February 1971, I DRINK YOUR BLOOD was one of the first motion pictures to be rated X for violence. Aiming to outdo NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, producer Jerry Gross instructed writer/director Durston to discard all of the old monster-mash cliches and shoot straight for the gut with maximum shock value and gore. The result was pure American drive-in genius. Even after 30 years, IDYB still holds up as one of the most entertaining and wildly demented movies of its kindA band of Satanist hippies roll into a town and begin terrorizing the local folk. They rape a local girl and her grandpa goes after them. He fails and is given LSD. This bothers his grandson and he gets back at the hippies by feeding them meat pies infected with blood from a rabid dog. They turn into crazed lunatics and begin killing and/or infecting everything in their path.
Rated X 83 mins

I Eat Your Skin 1964 DVD FS  B&W
Best-selling author Tom Harris likes to spend his time reading the racier portions of his novels to bikini clad beauties. His agent Duncan Fairchild thinks it's time for him to begin work on his next book and schedules a trip to the aptly-named Voodoo !
Rated PG  81Min

Incubus 1965                        FS
Plot Outline On a strange island inhabited by demons and spirits, a man battles the forces of evil.
Plot Synopsis: Kia is a succubus, luring to their final perdition men who already have sinful habits and libertine inclinations. She tires of this, it's too easy, and these souls are going to Hell anyway. She wants to match wits and charm with someone who is good. So, against the advice of her sister Amael, Kia seeks out Marc, a man who has already faced death with courage. After a night together, Kia finds that not only is Marc's goodness still intact, but she has been ravaged by love. In anger, she and Amael conjure an incubus to deal with Marc. The incubus starts with Marc's sister, Arndis. Who will win the struggle for souls?
Unrated : Black & White 78 mins

*Inheritance     2004                                     Ardustry   
Plot Outline: Youth is wasted on the young," Mrs. Baker declares. When the bitter old lady dies, she inexplicably leaves everything she owns to her beautiful caretaker, Abbey Nielsen. But Abbey may have inherited more than just her deceased employer's worldly possessions. In fact, otherworldly forces seem to be at work, as the young woman gradually loses control of her own life and begins to take on Mrs. Baker's identity. Has Abbey's family history of schizophrenia finally caught up with her, or is she actually possessed by a spirit who refuses to stay dead? Regardless of whetherMrs. Baker exists in Abbey's body or in her mind, she must exorcise her entirely... or be consumed by her completely

*I Spit On  Your Grave  1978                     Elite                                     ME
Plot Outline: A woman is brutally beaten and gang raped by four degenerate men. But she recovers and goes out in search to kill them all.

Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS (Uncut) (1974) DVD FS
Tagline: The most dreaded Nazi of them all!
Plot Synopsis: Ilsa is an evil Nazi warden at a death camp that conducts "medical experiments". Ilsa's goal is to prove that woman can withstand more pain and suffering than men and therefore should be allowed to fight on the front lines. Rated X 96 mins

Ilsa Harem Keeper of the Oil sheiks 1976 DVD
Tagline: Ilsa's back! ...More fierce than ever! With brutal fury she enslaved an empire and shocked the world!
Plot Synopsis: Finding a new employer, and looking not a day older since the end of World War II, Ilsa works for an Arab sheik who enjoys importing females to use as sex slaves. An American millionaire's daughter, a movie star, and an attractive equestrian are among his latest victims. Rated R 93 Mins.

Island of Death 1975 FS
Tagline:The lucky ones simply got their brains blown out.
Plot Summary:A British couple on a break on a small Greek Island, spreading terror beyond anything the Islanders could have ever imagined ,A jaded couple staying on vacation at a Greek island wreaks havoc on the inhabitants, indulging in every depraved act imaginable until events spiral to a twisted surprise ending you'll never forget! Rated R  104 mins

No Cover available
Insomniac   2002                                                     Brentwood            FS
A Deranged women suffering from amnesia is hypnotized so that she can explore her own mind.
While trying to recover lost memories , she finds violent , horrific, nighrmarish images.
Her recollections of reality begin to mesh with the terrifying images, revealing the mystery of her
blood socked past  not rated 82 mins.

*It Happened At Nightmare Inn 1973                    Brentwood            FS
Plot Summary:In this eerie thriller, a woman searches for her estranged relative. Trouble ensues when she stops at a tiny Spanish roadhouse owned by two very twisted sisters. The two old maid sisters are running a little family hotel in Spain. When the cultures clash between the visitor and the two sisters, there will be hell to pay!.Two old maid sisters are running a little family hotel in Spain. They are very religious and the moral of the foreign tourist girl is too much for them, they start to kill them.Two old maid sisters are running a little family hotel in Spain. They are very religious and the moral of the foreign tourist girl is too much for them, they start to kill them

*It’s Alive  1974
Plot Outline: The Davies expecting a baby which turns out to be a monster with the nasty habit to kill when it's scared. And it's easily scared

*In The mouth Of Madness 1994
Plot Outline: An insurance investigator begins discovering that the impact a horror writer's books have on his fans, is more than inspirational

In The Woods 1999                                                Dead Alive           FS       VHS
Plot Summary: Two hunters who have journeyed deep into the woods stumble across a burial site. They decide to dig it up...

Jackie Brown 1997 DVD
Tagline: This Christmas, Santa's Got A Brand New Bag
Plot Outline A female flight attendant becomes a key figure in a plot between the police and an arms dealer.
Plot Synopsis: Jackie Brown is the name of a flight attendant who gets caught smuggling her boss' gun money on the airline she works for. Luckily for her, the Fed Ray Nicolet and the LA Cop Mark Dargus decide to team up in order to arrest the arms dealer she works for, whose name they don't even know. Here's when she has to choose one way: tell Nicolet and Dargus about Ordell Robbie (the arms dealer) and get her freedom -except that if Ordell suspects you're talking about him, you're dead- or keep her mouth shut and do some time. That's when she meets Max Cherry -her bail bondsman-, a late fifties, recently separated, burnt-out man, who falls in love with her. Then Jackie comes up with a plan to play the Feds off against Ordell and the guys he works with -Louis Gara and Melanie Ralston, among others- and walk off with their money. But she needs Max's help. No one is going to stand in the way of his million dollar payoff...  Rated R 98mins

*Jacobs Ladder 1990
Plot Outline: A traumatized Vietnam war veteran finds out that his post-war life isn't what he believes it to be when he's attacked by horned creatures in the subway and his dead son comes to visit him

*Jacks Habit:  2000                                      Brentwood                         FS
Plot Summary: Jack is a young single doctor. The kind of catch many women would love to make. But the ones who do change their minds the moment he wraps his hands around their neck. Something about the passion of an intimate moment always drives Jack over the edge. One day a beautiful young woman named Holly happens into Jack’s office after being abused by her husband. As Jack and Holly start to see more of each other, the bodies of young women stop turning up in motel beds, and Holly catches a glimpse of a better life with Jack. With a detective gathering evidence leading him in Jack’s direction and Holly getting closer and closer to Jack’s heart, will Jack take Holly away from her terrible husband? Will Holly become another victim? Will the detective catch Jack before he and Holly can get away? The ending will answer all of these questions, but in a way you’ll never see coming.Runtime: 90 Mins.

The Jacket 2005    WS

Jennifer 2005 DVD WS
Masters of Horror - Dario Argento - Frank Spivey, a detective who rescues a strange young girl (Carrie Anne Fleming) with a horribly disfigured face and lusciously ripe body from a deranged killer. But when Spivey takes responsibility for the mentally challenged orphan, she reveals herself to be a creature of untold carnal pleasures and unspeakable violent depravities that may lead him straight to hell. She is seductress, psychopath and succubus all in one…and her name is JENIFER. The legendary Dario Argento directs this jaw-dropper that features a haunting score by Claudio Simonetti of Goblin  Rated R  60 mins

Jungle Holocaust (English Dubbed Uncut) - Special Edition (1978)
Tagline: Can this modern man survive in this Stone Age world?
Plot Outline After landing in the jungle, a man is captured and held prisoner by a cannibal tribe. With the help of a sympathetic cannibal woman, he escapes and heads into the jungle to find his one surviving companion.
Plot Synopsis: A plane crashes in the jungle. One of the survivors gets lost and while trying to find a way out of the jungle he gets captured by cannibals. He is humiliated, stripped naked, and thrown in a hole with a bird for a while. Eventually, he escapes with the help of a cannibal girl and tries to find his plane so he can go home.
Rated X  96 mins

Justine Marquis de Sade's  (1977)
Tagline:No woman suffered more...
Plot Summary: Justine is a nubile young virgin cast out of a French orphanage and thrust into a depraved world of prostitution, predatory lesbians, a fugitive murderess, bondage, branding, and one supremely sadistic monk. It's a twisted tale of strange desires, perverse pleasures and the ultimate corruption of innocence as told by the Marquis de Sade Rated R 99 mins

Keep The1984  WS
Plot Outline THEY WERE ALL DRAWN TO THE KEEP. The soldiers who brought death. The father and daughter fighting for life. The people who have always feared it. And the one man who knows its secret... THE KEEP Tonight, they will all face the evil.
Plot Synopsis: Nazis are sent to guard an old, mysterious fortress in a Romanian pass. One of them mistakenly releases an unknown force trapped within the walls. A mysterious stranger senses this from his home in Greece and travels to the keep to vanquish the force. As soldiers are killed, a Jewish man and his daughter (who are both knowledgable of the keep) are brought in to find out what is happening .rated R 96 mins

* Kentucky Fried Movie The1977
Plot Outline: Series of short, highly irreverant, and quite often tasteless skits

King Of New York   1990             Artisan                              WS. SP
Tagline: Not everyone who runs a city is elected.
Plot Outline A former drug lord returns from prison determined to wipe out all his competition and distribute the profits of his operations to New York's poor and lower classes in this stylish and ultra violent modern twist on Robin Hood.
Plot Synopsis: A former drug lord returns from prison determined to wipe out all his competition and distribute the profits of his operations to the city's poor in this stylish and ultra-violent modern twist on Robin Hood.
Rated X 106 minutes  

Nicole is a witch who is out to possess Valentina, a young a beautiful photographer. The young photographer begins to have weird and kinky nightmares, and one of her cameras acquires a deadly curse! When Valentina visits the home of Nicole, she discovers bizarre relics, a dominatrix doll and a bottomless pit in the living room. As Valentina begins to understand the strange world she's being pulled into, Nicole begins a nightmare of her own as a mysterious killer stalks her! Approx 91 min.Unrated (Violence, Strong Language, Nudity)

*Kill Baby Kill                                        St Clair Vision                          FS
Plot Summary: Dr. Eswai is called by Inspector Kruger to a small village to perform an autopsy on a woman who has died under suspicious circumstances.Unrated (Violence, Strong Language, Nudity)
A doctor, investigating a young woman's apparent suicide in a Balkan village, discovers the locals believe the ghost of a baron's daughter is responsible. The victims in the small Transylvanian village are being found dead with gold coins planted in their hearts. Director Mario Bava's chiller stars G. Rossi Stuart and Erika Blanc. This moody and stylish film, filled with horrifically disturbing sequences, is one of Bava's best! Approx 83 min.

Killing Hour, The aka The Clairvoyant  (1982) - DVD
Tagline:Beyond the five senses lies a sixth. To possess it is to see the unseen. If she sees're dead.
Plot Outline:Two uneasy friends, a police officer and a TV talk show host, each pursue the mysterious "handcuff killer" with the aid of an artist who sees - and draws - the killer's crimes before they're committed.
After the body of murdered woman is found, nude and handcuffed, floating down the Hudson River in New York, a string of murders occur by an unseen serial killer who kills men by handcuffing them before killing them. Mac, a TV talk-show host, and Larry, a police detective, team up to try to find the killer and seek help from Virna, a clairvoyant t young artist, who draws visions of the murders before they happen. As Mac and Larry try to establish a connection between the victims and the first female victim, who may have been sexually involved all of the male victims, Virna's further visions begin to point to her as the next victim as she unknowingly closes in on the killer's identity Rated R 97 mins

Kottentail 2004 FS DVD
Tagline: Everyone needs a little tail.
Plot Summary: The "Overlook Animal Research Laboratory" has long been working on genetic engineering without any trouble. That all changes one night when two would be animal liberators set free a test rabbit, not knowing that the bunny's genes have gone haywire. On the loose, the vicious little beast soon attacks a farmer - Hans Kottentail. Hans quickly begins to change. He grows fur, eats veggies and... hops. It isn't long before murderous a rage overtakes poor Hans and he begins picking off townsfolks at a rapid pace. It's up to 5 local women, each with ties to the case, to bring him down before he kills them all. Rated R  89 mins

Lady Frankenstein 1971 WS DVD
Tagline: Only The Monster She Made Could Satisfy Her Strange Desires!
Plot Summary: When Dr. Frankenstein is killed by a monster he created, his daughter and his lab assistant Marshall continue his experiments. The two fall in love and attempt to transplant Marshall's brain in to the muscular body of a retarded servant Stephen, in order to prolong the aging Marshall's life. Meanwhile, the first monster seeks revenge on the grave robbers who sold the body parts used in its creation to Dr. Frankenstein. Soon it comes after Marshall and the doctor's daughter. Rated  R  85 mins.

*Lady In White  1988                                                 MGM                           FS
Plot Summary: Locked in a school closet during Halloween 1962, young Frank witnesses the ghost of a young girl and the man who murdered her years ago Shortly afterward he finds himself stalked by the killer and is soon drawn to an old house where a mysterious Lady In White lives. As he discovers the secret of the woman he soon finds that the killer may be someone close to him.

 Land Of The Dead 2005   WS   DC
Tagline: The dead shall inherit the Earth.
Plot Outline The living dead have taken over the world, and the last humans live in a walled city to protect themselves as they come to grips with the situation.
Plot Synopsis: The world is full of zombies and the survivors have barricaded themselves inside a walled city to keep out the living dead. As the wealthy hide out in skyscrapers and chaos rules the streets, the rest of the survivors must find a way to stop the evolving zombies from breaking into the city.
Unrated  97 minutes

*Legacy Of Blood  1971                                         Brentwood            FS
Plot Outline:In this haunted story of inheritance, John Carradine plays a crotchety millionaire who wills his fortune to his estranged children. The requirement for attaining the riches is a one week stay in the millionaire's mansion. Naturally, this leads to a lot of trivial arguments and petty spitefulness, which in turn leads to murder. Rudolofo Acosta is top-billed as a local sheriff who must contend with seven days worth of carnage.
Runtime: 90 minutes
In order to qualify to inherit the family fortune, the four heirs must spend the night in the family estate. However, during the night someone starts killing them off.

Last House on Dead End Street 1977     FS
Tagline: It's only a movie!
Plot Outline After being released from prison, a young gangster with a chip on his shoulder decides to punish society by making snuff films.
Plot Synopsis: After serving 1 year in jail a guy decides to repay the society by making some snuff-films. Four people are captured, tied up and held as material for his project. One by one they are killed in scenes for the camera. A woman has her limbs sawn of while he keep her concious. Another victim is killed by a power drill. Rated R 72 minutes

* Last House On Hell Street   2002                        Brentwood                    FS
Plot Synopsis: Within this small house, hidden in the deep, dark woods, is an evil force. It can infect one's soul and drive men to madness. Kyle falls victim to this entity from the house. Now possessed, he turns on his lover, Jessica. He abducts her and drags her into this house. He tortures her mind and brutalizes her flesh. The ghost of Kyle's mother, a spirit fueled by love and mercy, is needed to help Jessica escape. In a small house hidden in the dark woods, an evil force dwells. It has the power to infect one's soul and drive men to madness. Kyle falls victim, and once possessed he turns on his lover, Jessica. He abducts her, drags her into the house, tortures her mind, and brutalizes her flesh. The ghost of Kyle's mother, a spirit fueled by love and mercy, is needed to help Jessica escape. This film is a unique mix of expressionistic visual poetry and intense, grueling horror!

*Last house on the left  1972                     MGM                                           FS
Plot Outline: A gang of rapists and murderers unknowingly seeks refuge with the parents of one of their victims.

 Leprechaun 2  1994                                                                                WS
Tagline: This time, luck has nothing to do with it!
Plot Synopsis: On his 1000th birthday, a mean Leprechaun get's to choose a bride by making her sneeze three times then she's his, only the bride he chooses is the daughter of his slave, who fowls up the wedding, so Leprechaun must wait until his 2000th birthday to claim the woman of his nightmares. The descendant of the woman he wanted to marry already has a boyfriend: a brave young boy named Cody, who lives with his swindler uncle Morty and they run a tour company called Darkside Tours. Leprechaun soon wakes up, kills a bunch of people and kidnaps his bride to be. It's soon up to Cody to save her, and only rot iron can destroy a Leprechaun. Morty has an idea, but it soon goes horribly wrong when he get's too greedy. Cody ventures into Leprechaun's home to save Bridget, but little does he know that a leprechaun's home has many surprises.
Rated R 85 minutes

Let Sleeping Corpses Lie (Uncut) (1974)
Tagline: To avoid fainting keep repeating, it's only a movie... only a movie... only a movie... only a movie...
Plot Outline A cop chases two hippies suspected of a series of Manson family-like murders; unbeknownst to him, the real culprits are the living dead, brought to life with a thirst for human flesh by chemical pesticides being used by area farmers.
Plot Synopsis: A cop chases two young people visiting the English countryside, suspecting them of a local murder; unbeknownst to him, the real culprits are the living dead, brought to life with a thirst for human flesh by radiation being used by area farmers as a pesticide alternative.
One of the best zombie shockers of the 1970s, this Spanish-Italian coproduction (also known as The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue and Don't Open the Window, among other titles) is a real international affair. Inspired by George Romero's genre-shattering American hit Night of the Living Dead, it was shot in England by a Spanish director with a largely British cast, and supplemented by Spanish zombies and American character actor Arthur Kennedy as a bitter Irish police detective (with only a hint of a brogue). He's
investigating a sudden rash of violent murders (the work of Satanists, he's convinced) and closes in on a pair of newcomers to the sleepy Northern England town, longhaired antique dealer Ray Lovelock and his nervous traveling companion Christine Galbó. Only they know the real culprits: newly deceased corpses, revived by agricultural experiments in ultrasonic radiation that are also turning newborns into vicious little monsters. Director Jorge Grau delivers all the stumbling zombies and gory flesh feasts you could hope for in a 1974 movie, but more importantly he creates the rare zombie thriller that manages to be both scary and smartly done. Rated R  93 mins

 Lost Souls 2000                                      WS.
Tagline: Deliver us from evil.
Plot Synopsis: A small group of Catholics led by an ailing priest believe that Satan intends to become man, just as God did in the person of Jesus. The writings of a possessed mental patient lead them to Peter Kelson, a writer who studies serial killers. They think it's his body Satan will occupy. The youngest in the group, a teacher named Maya Larkin, goes to Peter to investigate further and to convince him to believe in the possibility of Evil incarnate. Other signs come to him as he and Maya them take a journey full of strange occurrences, self-discovery, and an ultimate showdown.
Rated R for violence/terror and some language. 98 minutes

Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane The, (1976) WS DVD
Some little girls can be murder! Thirteen-year-old Rynn (Foster) is a gifted prodigy who lives in a big old house with her reclusive father...all alone. Or does she? When Rynn's nosy landlady and a lecherous neighbor (Sheen) begin to susupect that this little girl is hiding a dark and dangerous secret, Rynn is determined to preserve her isolated existence at any cost - and stop those vicious rumors dead in their tracks!
Rated  PG  92 Mins

Lisa And The Devil - Original Full Italian Cut (1974)
A group of tourists are drawn into a nightmare after their car breaks down near a Spanish villa. Lisa (Elke Sommer) and others are invited to spend the night at a mysterious mansion. The mansions unique occupants all seem to be living in a very distant past. As the evening progresses, the atmosphere takes its toll on the tired travelers. A dark cloud hands over each of their heads as one by one, they all succumb to jealousy, hatred and eventually death. Could the butler (Telly Savalas) be the incarnation of the Devil himself, only those who survive can tell. Rated R 106 mins

* Madman 1982                           WS
Tagline: They thought they were alone.
Plot Synopsis: At a summer camp for youths, cockey pre-teen calls out the name of mass serial killer "Madman Marz". Suddenly, counselors are being maimed and slaughtered in various ways by the backwoodsman who has returned when his name was called.
Rated R 88 Mins

 Madhouse  (1981)             FS.
Julia, a teacher in a school for the deaf, has a hideously deformed and deranged twin sister that resides in the local Looney bin. She escapes to gate-crash a surprise birthday party for Julia by murdering all the party guests with the help of a giant killer Alsatian dog, which gets it's come-upended when lobotomized by a power drill, in a scene that will offend most animal lovers. Rated R  92 minutes

Magic 1978            FS
Tagline: Abracadabra, I sit on his knee. Presto, change-o, and now he's me! Hocus Pocus, we take her to bed. Magic is fun...we're dead.
Plot Synopsis: Magician's assistant Corky performs disastrously at his first solo appearance. He is given a ventriloquist dummy called Fats to improve his act and within a few years Corky is at the height of fame. However, Fats has developed a mind of his own and wants to control his master
Rated R 107 min

Manhattan Baby (1982) WS
Tagline: Little Susie is very young, very pretty, and very very evil! more
Plot Outline: An archaelogist opens an Egyptian tomb and accidently releases an evil spirit. His young daughter becomes possessed by the freed enity and, upon arrival back in New York, the gory murders begin Rated R  88 min

Mandingo   1975  FS  VHS to   DVD
Plot Outline A slave owner in the 1840s trains one of his slaves to be a bare-knuckle fighter, unaware that his wife is demanding from his champion services of a different kind.
Plot Synopsis: A slave owner in the 1840s trains his slaves to be bare-knuckle fighting champions, unaware that his daughter is having an affair with his top fighter.
Rated R  121 mins

Massacre In Dinosaur Valley (1985) WS DVD
Tagline: A journey into the cannibal inferno
A group sets out to excavate dinosaur fossils in the Brazillian Amazon, but they get much more than they bargained for. On route, the plane crashes, the group, which includes a psycopath and quite a few voluptous ladies, is forced to fend for itself as it searches for a path back to civilization. The team comes across cannibals, wild beasts and slave traders. This walk through the jungle includes gore, violence and quite a bit of raunchy sex.
Unrated 98 mins

Men Behind the Sun 3: A Narrow Escape  1993                           WS Subtitles
Plot Outline:During the shut down and destruction of the Japanese test camp Squadron 731 in Manchuria, a soldier becomes infected with a virus developed during the camp's testing and risks spreading it into Japan on the train ride home. Rated R 103 mins

Mandingo Manhunter 1981 DVD

*Maniac  1980                                            Anchor Bay                                 WS
Plot Outline: A schizoid, serial killer randomly stalks and kills various young women in New York which he sees as revenge for the mistreatment he got while being raised by his own abusive mother.

Manhunter 1987 VHS To DVD  FS
Tagline: Enter the mind of a serial killer... you may never come back.
Plot Outline: An FBI specialist tracks a serial killer who appears to select his victims at random.
Based on Thomas Harris's novel Red Dragon, which introduced the world to the nefarious killer Hannibal "the Cannibal" Lecter, the film stars William Petersen (giving a suitably brooding performance) as ex-FBI agent Will Graham, who is coaxed out of semiretirement to track down a serial killer who has thwarted the authorities at every turn Rated R 120 minutes

*Maniac Cop 1988
Tagline: You have the right to remain silent. Forever.
Plot Outline:In New York, people are slain and strangled to death brutally on the open street. All witnesses agree that the murderer was in a cop's uniform. Soon the police searches and finds a suspect in its own ranks: Jack Forrest, turned in by his own wife. To prove his innocence, he has to investigate on his ownIn New York, a man in a cop's uniform starts killing people for no apparent reason. Rated R 85 mins

Maniac Cop 2 1990
Tagline:You Have The Right To Remain Silent...Forever!
Plot Outline:A supernatural, maniac killer cop teams up with a Times Square serial killer.
Officer Matt Cordell, the undead cop, returns from the grave. Again. This time he is after the criminals who murdered him in the prison, and he is not doing that because he wants to forgive them...

Manitou The 1978    WS
Tagline: Evil does not die... It waits to be re-born!
Plot Outline A psychic's girlfriend finds out that a lump on her back is a growing reincarnation of a 400 year-old demonic Native American spirit.
Plot Synopsis: Karen Tandy (Susan Strasberg) enters a San Franisco hospital suffering from a growing tumor on her back. To the doctors (Jon Cedar and Paul Mantee) think it's a living creature, a fetus is being born inside the tumor. To fortune teller Harry Erskine (Tony Curtis) says it's nothing until his client (Lurene Tuttle) says strange languages, and kills herself by falling down a flight of stairs. And after one of the doctor's cut his hand. Erskine seeks help from another fortune teller Amelia Crusoe (Stella Stevens) and her husband (Hugh Corcoran) to find what is going on. When Karen's tumor gets larger, Dr. Snow (Burgess Meredith) begins to think it is a 400 year old Indian Spirit who wants revenge. Erskine goes to South Dakota to find John Singing Rock (Michael Ansara) a witch doctor to send the Indian Spirit back to where he came. The Indian Spirit comes out of Karen's tumor. But will he take over before Singing Rock can send him back?
rated PG  104 mins

Massacre In Dinosaur Valley (1985) WS DVD
Tagline: A journey into the cannibal inferno
A group sets out to excavate dinosaur fossils in the Brazillian Amazon, but they get much more than they bargained for. On route, the plane crashes, the group, which includes a psycopath and quite a few voluptous ladies, is forced to fend for itself as it searches for a path back to civilization. The team comes across cannibals, wild beasts and slave traders. This walk through the jungle includes gore, violence and quite a bit of raunchy sex.
Unrated 98 mins

  Messiah Of Evil 1973
Tagline: In order to live, they will take you one by one ... and no one will hear you scream!
The character of the heroine's father, a surrealistic painter, allows for plenty of odd effects, and the film strives for a dream-like feeling. Albert likes good music, motor trips by moonlight, and...eating human flesh.

*Mausoleum 1983
Plot Summary: Traumatized by her mother's death, young Susan is becoming possessed by the same demon that possessed her mother before she died

Mark of The Devil 1970
Tagline: Positively the most horrifying film ever made.
Plot Synopsis: This is one that historians and gorehounds alike still speak of with shock and awe, the movie so extreme that audiences were given free barf bags!

This infamous epic of fanatical 18th Century witchfinders who rape, torture, dismember and burn thousands of nubile young women falsely accused of fornicating with Satan. Can you stomach the agonizing torment of the damned. Behold the gut-wrenching horror of MARK OF THE DEVIL!

Udo Kier is a witch hunter apprentice to Herbert Lom. He believes strongly in his mentor and the ways of the church but loses faith when he catches Lom strangling Reggie Nalder to death for calling him impotent. Kier begins to see for himself that the witch trials are nothing but a scam of the church to rob people of their land, money, and other personal belongings of value and seduce beautiful big breasted women. In the end, the towns people revolt, Herbert Lom escapes and poor Udo is tortured to death by the towns people with the his own torture devices. This film contains very strong graphic torture including a women's tongue being ripped out of her head, nuns being raped(in the opening credits), and lots of beatings. rated R 96 mins

*Memorial Valley Massacre   St Clair Vision                FS
Plot Outline: A crazed hermit maniac living in the woods comes out of hiding to terrorize a group of unsuspecting campers on a holiday with an axe.

May  2002     WS
Tagline: If you can't find a friend... make one.
Plot Outline Psychological horror about a lonely young woman traumatized by a difficult childhood, and her increasingly desperate attempts to connect with the people around her.
Plot Synopsis: When May was a child, she was a lonely girl with one lazy eye and without any friend but a weird and ugly doll kept in a glass case given by her bizarre mother on her birthday. May becomes a lonely weird young woman, working in an animal hospital and assisting the veterinary in surgeries and sewing operated animals most of the time. Her lesbian colleague Polly has a sort of attraction for her. When the shy May meets the mechanic Adam Stubbs, she loves his hands and has a crush on him. They date, but the weirdness and bizarre behavior of May makes Adam moves away from her. Alone, May has a brief affair with Polly, but she feels rejected again when her colleague meets Ambrosia. When her doll is accidentally broken, the deranged May decides to build a friend for her, using the best parts her acquaintances can offer. Rated R 93 mins

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